Argentina Diving

It is the first and only development center for the entire diving career for NAUI in Argentina, being its qualification as NAUI Pro Platinum Dive Center #1526. That allows to dictate all the instructor courses, carry out the evaluations and request certifications without having to depend on third parties.

Our mission is to provide the community with the best Sports Diving and Technical Diving courses in the international market, as well as everything related to accident management. With this mission we dedicate ourselves to diving instruction in all levels, from Scuba Diver (Basic Sports Diver) to Instructor Trainer (Instructor Trainer), going through various specialties such as Nitrox Diver among many others (see courses).

Our Story

Learn about the history of Argentina Diving, from the beginnings of diving and the trajectory of its founder; to the present, with its global expansion and its new members.

  • 1993


    In 1993 Daniel Millikovsky started diving.

  • 1998

    First Center

    In 1998, Daniel Millikovsky committed to the Leadership career and founded his first diving center in the city of Córdoba.

  • 2000


    In the year 2000, Daniel Millikovsky moves to Cozumel and works as a training director at the Mexican SSS Systems Hyperbaric Chamber facility, running Divers Alert Network (DAN) programs and offering diving and training services , both recreational and technical.

  • 2005


    In 2005, with aromas and colors of the sea that he still preserves, Daniel returns to the country, to merge his experience with new learning. He had a mission and intention, which over time rises and manages to materialize .

  • 2008


    ARGENTINA DIVING was established in May 2008, in Buenos Aires, in a house with a residential nature.

  • 2015


    2015 was a year synonymous with global growth. We inaugurated a Showroom in the Nuñez neighborhood, Capital Federal, for which we had already had the complicity and work of Ivone Bender for several years, who joined the team to offer her experience and knowledge of the market.

  • Actuality


    We continue to grow exponentially in our country and abroad, preserving our identity and principles. Directing courses, giving international conferences at different events, planning trips and expeditions to the best diving destinations in the world. We also diversify the diving equipment brands, the sales results are a clear indicator of the optimistic situation in the current market.

Who we are

A great team is the key

Daniel Millikovsky


Ivone Bender

Representante de Ventas

Dealer in Argentina

The brands we work with and trust us


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