Travel expands the mind

As a diver you can explore new parts of the ocean on each trip, which lead you to immerse yourself in the environment and experience other cultures.

Not blue, not green

Half the world's oxygen is produced in the ocean. Breathe underwater and you can see for yourself where the air is coming from!

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Dive trips can change the way you see things

The horizon is broader than you ever imagined and with your first investment,you will get a little impression of the true depth of the planet.Your perspective of the land will change enormously.The world will seem bigger, because when we perceive something from a different angle, we can see more!

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Our trips are planner to measure

We consider all the logistics that our divers need to carry out the activity and enjoy their stay to the fullest.
We consider safety as a key factor, both outside and inside the water.
We choose destinations that offer Nitrox Support - Gas Mixtures and medical assistance (Hyperbaric Chambers).
We look for the best time of year to dive in each destination.
We develop strategic alliances with recognized operators around the world.

All the logistics of the trip

Best Time of the Year

Recognized operators

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